Les Vignobles Ruhlmann-Schutz

In the heart of a medieval fortified town.

Nestled at the bottom of the mountain, on the “Route des Vins” between Strasbourg and Colmar, that’s where Dambach-la-Ville is located, former fortified place in the Middle-Age. Today, its face has changed but its standing remains, becoming one of the masterpieces of the Alsacian vineyard. It is on those sunny hillsides, with the perfect conditions for growing wine, that the RUHLMANN-SCHUTZ family settled up in 1688.

A tribute to the family traditions

Since they came in the town, the family carry on its precious knowledge. More than 300 years later, the wine domain extends over 70 hectares including 40 in Alsace. The perfect balance between the yesteryears and today that shows in the wine. That same balance passed on to the new generation, that take up the torch of the elders with the same love for typical products.

A passionate culture

When André RUHLMANN confide about his work, he’ll mostly talk about the love of the nature and emotions. Because for him, wine is the perfect reflect of its creator’s temperament. That’s why he feeds his vines, marked with a big granite dolmen, with the same passion. The result of this priceless devotion? High quality wine, audacious and precise. From the sweetness of the Etoile de Rose to the strength of the Pinot Noir, this creativity make shine from these products all the creativity and the Alsacian nobility.

A warm invitation in the heart of the vineyard

You’re welcome on board of our little train to discover our wine cellar, our vineyard and its terroir. You can also take your lunch break with a breath-taking view on Dambach-la-Ville or taste wine directly in our cellar, dripping of years of story and of wine exploration. You can also stay longer in our charming and typical guestroom, on the edge of the vineyard.

Château Valmont : the succession of the youth

The young generation decides to go a little further than the familial and initial hillsides, by enriching the Ruhlmann-Schutz vineyards with some new colours. A new journey that invites you though the Corbières grapes varieties, called “Chateau Valmont” : notes of ripe blackberries, tastiness and lingerness. A whole range of raffinate wines that perfectly completes a collection of great Alsacian wines.