Because “Rome was not built in a day”, so do the Ruhlmann-Schutz vineyards. Here you have our whole history and the events that marked our evolution.

Coming in Alsace

In 1688, a Hungarian knight named Ruhlmann started to grow the vines and set up in a house of Dambach-la-Ville that is still existing and is located rue du Maréchal Foch.


Conversion to viticulture

Jean-Charles RUHLMANN and his wife Marthe started to grow the vines, while they went already farming the wheat, the tobacco and the livestock. In the 60's, the firsts harvests took place. Despite a minor harvest due to the frost, the couple didn't lose all hope and started the winemaking process to, later, sell the wine.


The firsts bottles

A little goes a long way, that's how Jean-Charles and Marthe Ruhlmann gave themselves the keys to successfully start their production and the selling of their firsts bottles. Jean-Charles gave then little services to his colleagues and neighbours for a small fee to expand the wine-growing area. It is after the oil shock that they decide to launch their own production.


The viticulture above all

From farmers to wine-growers... since the 80's the wheatfields and the livestock are entirely substituted by the vines and the wine-making. Wine become then the main activity of the family and André Ruhlmann, the son of Jean-Charles, join his father to help him in his work.


An unexpected loss

In the end of 1993, Jean-Charles passed away and left us a wine-estate with still so much to do. Then it would be his son, André, and his daughter, Christine, who are taking the estate over, since they are helping their beloved parents for many years ago.


Ruhlmann & Schutz

1994 is the begining of a new adventure because Laurence Ruhlmann, Christine and Jean-Victor SCHUTZ, each of them left them respective profession to join André in the wine-estate then compose all together the Domaine Ruhlmann-Schutz in Dambach-la-Ville.


Grand Cru Frankstein

In 1997, the Ruhlmann-Schutz family acquired vines in the heart of the Grand Cru Frankstein and it's in 1998 that the firsts bottles are sold. Today, the family owned 3,5 hectares of vines on the appellation Alsace Grand Cru.


An international expand

Jean-Victor Schutz did not stop traveling all over the France and in the Europe to look for new clients. It is a little before the 2000th year that the bottle crossed over the ocean. Today it is 35% of our production that is sale abroad, in more than 25 countries.



January 1st 2001, 9h30 : the juice of a very concentrated Gewurztraminer flows along the press la Cuvée du Millénaire (The vintage of the millennium). An exceptional wine to celebrate the transition to the 3rd Millennium.


A growing vineyard

As the years go by, the vineyard of the family Ruhlmann-Schutz grown up : from 7 hectares in 1995 to 20 hectares in 2005. Furthermore, without workforce before, the Family can rely on about ten employees at that time.



Summer 2015, a big time for the Family : Louise-Anne & Jacques-Emile RUHLMANN with Thomas and Antoine SCHUTZ suggest to their parents to launch into a new challenge : to develop a new vineyard 800 km away... in the Corbières near of Narbonne. They had in mind to diversified and complete the range of Alsacian wines.


Château Valmont

After a whole year of work in a totally different region : the first vintage of Château Valmont is born. This one is called "Aventure", simply reflecting the saga of the family Ruhlmann-Schutz, now working with the 3rd generation.


A new generation

Two years after the beginning of Château Valmont, 3 of the 4 children of the 3rd generation join and integrate now the familial estate, renamed for the occasion : Vignobles RUHLMANN-SCHUTZ.